Pregnant Mom Wakesurfs Past Her Due Date!

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Check out this article from This mom rocks! Any other of you moms out there wakesurf when you were this far along? “Everything is harder when you’re heavily pregnant. Your energy is pretty much zapped to the point that even day-to-day activities take a lot out of you—that’s why we were so shocked when […]

Duncan Lee Films | The History of Wakesurfing

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This is one of the best videos out there on the history of our sport. Lee interviewed people who were instrumental in the shaping and influencing of wakesurfing including Clint Preisendorfer, Rick Lee, Tim Lopes, Jeff Page, Mark Sher, and Todd Gaughan. This is definitely worth your time whether you have only heard of wakesurfing, […]

Wakey’s Woody | Wakesurfer’s Surf Jeep Grand Wagoneer

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1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer by RPM International This classic Jeep came to us from Wakesurfer as a complete bone stock Grand Wagoneer. We knew going into it that this needed to be a unique build. Wakesurfer wanted modern power, reliability, and features to tow their boat, and drive in comfort and style fitting for their […]

Meet Alex Brost. Surfer, designer and owner of Idol Surf.

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The original garage workshop The Story Behind Idol Surf “Anything worth doing, it’s worth doing right!”  -Hunter S. Thompson It was about 7 years ago when some friends and I were sanding away at insulation foam with whatever tools were laying around when I dropped my sanding block and muttered those words in ambitious frustration.  […]

How to Choose the Proper Wakesurf Board

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Surf? Skim? Hybrid? Wondering what style is right for you? Check out this article from Wakeboarding Magazine. It has a ton of good information so you can make an informed choice when buying your next wakesurf board.

Get to know Shawn Wright, founder of Brigade Wakesurfing

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It all started with a dream in Boise, Idaho. To bring the “Lifestyle” of ocean surfing to the lakeside. By building custom boards perfectly fit and designed per each rider, with the customization of graphics and design. We continue to expand and share the stoke of wakesurfing all over the world and look forward to […]